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Nov 8, 2022

Farmind President and CEO, Tatsuo Horiuchi, had an interview with Governor of Ibaraki Prefecture, Kazuhiko Oigawa, and discussed about the agriculture innovation through large scaled and efficient tree fruit production.

Farmind Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tatsuo Horiuchi; hereafter, “Farmind”), aims to improve Japanese food self-sufficiency ratio by establishing an agricultural business model that can efficiently and sustainably produce high-quality fruits and vegetables and by invigorating the domestic agriculture.

Farmind established Farmind Ibaraki Farm Corporation (hereafter, Farmind Ibaraki) in May 2022 and made a full-scale entry into Japanese pear production in Kasumigaura City. Currently, Farmind Ibaraki has obtained about 5.4 hectares of land (about 3.3 hectares of cultivated area), and plans to expand the cultivated area to 30 hectares in spring 2025.

On 8th November, in Ibaraki prefectural office, Farmind President and CEO, Tastuo Horiuchi, had an interview with Governor of Ibaraki Prefecture, Kazuhiko Oigawa, and discussed about the further development of the prefectural agriculture including an expansion of tree fruit production and an effort with the local farmers. At the interview with the Governor, Farmind President, Tatsuo Horiuchi, stated as follows. "In Ibaraki Prefecture, an important production base for the major consumption area of Tokyo, Farmind aims to increase a scale and productivity of agriculture. In addition, Farmind intends to leverage Farmind Group’s nationwide cold chain platform and information network to deliver a fruits and vegetables of Ibaraki to various regions."

・Contributing to domestic fruit production due to large-scale and efficiency

The domestic fruit cultivated area is decreasing year by year due to the aging of farmers and the long period to the harvest. Against this backdrop, Farmind will expand the business into domestic tree fruit production aiming to balance domestic supply and demand. In Ibaraki Prefecture, Farmind plans to cultivate popular varieties such as Kosui, Hosui, and Akizuki in a large scale. In addition, by incorporating an efficient cultivation, Farmind intends to improve an agricultural working environment regardless of age or gender, and contribute to diverse employment within the prefecture. Furthermore, Farmind will collaborate with JA Group to develop community-based agriculture business.

Adopting an efficient cultivation "Joint V-shaped tree form"

"Joint V-shaped tree form" is a new form in which the main branch is lower to 0.7~ 0.8m height and the side branch is inclined. V shaped tree form makes a large harvest in an early stage and allows for easier working attitudes and easier introduction of machinery.

・Utilizing the comprehensive distribution platform for fruits and vegetables for contributing to the producers

Farmind hopes to contribute to the local farmers through a comprehensive distribution platform which mainly consists of a nationwide cold chain and information network for fruits and vegetables. By utilizing a distribution network including 14 vegetables and fruits centers nationwide, Farmind will deliver vegetables and fruits of Ibaraki prefecture to the consumption area while maintaining freshness and quality. Combined with Farmind logistics, small-lot transportation is also possible, which leads to construction of logistics and cost reduction.

In addition, Farmind will collaborate with JA Group, including the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, with which Farmind has a capital and business alliances, and will expand its comprehensive fruit and vegetable distribution platform.

・Promote the use of idle facilities in the prefecture

In order to promote the use of idle facilities in the prefecture, Farmind are considering the use of abandoned schools and other facilities, and intends to use them as storage areas for agricultural machinery and packing areas for vegetables and fruits.

・Expectation of growth potential of fruit cultivation in Kasumigaura City

Kasumigaura City in Ibaraki Prefecture, which is blessed with a rich climate and soil, is known as a proper district of tree fruit seedlings, as well as tree fruit production. Kasumigaura City is expected to secure seedlings that are indispensable for the medium-to long-term enlargement of fruit cultivation.

Outline of Farmind Ibaraki Farm Corporation
Company name: Farmind Ibaraki Farm Corporation
Representative: Hiroto Suzuki
Establishment: May 13, 2022
Address: 1 Kanda Izumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business: Production and sale of domestic vegetables and fruits, management of farmland, etc.
Corporate Planning Department, Farmind Corporation
TEL: +81-3-5835-1794