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Farmind, Inc. is a company formed through a merger of the holding company Fresh MD Holdings, Inc. with Fresh Systems Inc., Fresh Remix Corporation and Einband Holdings, Inc.,

2015 JulyFarmind, Inc. is established through a merger of four companies: Fresh MD Holdings, Inc., Fresh System, Inc., Fresh Remix Corporation and Einband Holdings, Inc.
Fresh MD Holdings, Inc. History
2006 DecemberEstablished through equity transfer by Fresh System and Fresh Remix Corporation.
Einband Holdings, Inc. History
2010 FebruaryEstablished through equity transfer by New Chikuho Aozo Co., Ltd. and Oita Central Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.
Fresh System, Inc. Milestones
1991 FebruaryFresh System, Inc. founded in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
1992 JanuaryFresh System Fukuoka, Inc. established.
OctoberFresh System Sapporo, Inc. established.
1994 NovemberFresh System Nagoya, Inc. established.
1996 JuneFresh System, Fresh System Fukuoka and Fresh System Nagoya merge under the trade name Fresh System, Inc. with its corporate headquarters in Kobe.
1997 JanuaryKawasaki processing center completed.
FebruaryHead Office relocated to Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.
DecemberKawasaki processing center Aomi plant completed.
1998 April Fukuoka processing center Hakozaki plant completed.
1999 April Head Office relocated to Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
JulyFresh System Sapporo merged with Fresh System, Inc.
DecemberKawasaki No. 2 processing center completed.
2002 FebruaryHead Office relocated to Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
MarchNagoya No. 2 processing center completed.
MarchImplementation of corporate split by the new company.
NovemberGreen Storage and Fruit Delica made subsidiaries through a share acquisition from Sumisho Fruits.
2003 NovemberMerger of subsidiaries Green Storage and Fruit Delica completed.
2004 MarchHead Office relocated to Kanda-Izumicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
2005 AprilFresh Futech Inc. established.
NovemberKoriyama processing center completed.
2006 MarchFukuoka processing center Kashii plant completed.
JuneAomi processing center completed.
JulyMiyazaki Ebino processing center completed.
2009 MarchOhdate processing center completed.
NovemberNagano processing center completed.
2010 MarchHiroshima processing center completed.
2013 JanuaryConsolidated Kobe processing center completed.
AprilAgeo processing center completed.
SeptemberConsolidated Sapporo processing center completed.
2014 FebruaryTachikawa processing center completed.
Fresh Remix Corporation Milestones
2000 NovemberFresh Remix Corporation is established with the objective of realizing comprehensive information services in the fresh produce industry.
2001 JulyExperimentation with B-to-B e-marketplace (e-commerce site) specializing in fruits and vegetables initiated.
NovemberDevelopment of the original FAN'S e-marketplace begun.
2003 MarchFAN'S operation initiated.
AprilField merchandizing (FMD) activities to reflect producers’ views in retail operations initiated for supermarkets in Sapporo.
SeptemberSapporo Office established.
2004 MayCustomization of FAN'S begun in response to requests from individual user companies in environment of expanding demand for FAN'S services.
2005 MayFreshremix Asia Corporation established in the Philippines as wholly owned subsidiary for outsourcing of system development and data center management, etc.
NovemberYaonet B-to-C site opened at on Yahoo! shopping site.
2006 April LSI K.K., an operations company specializing in FMD, acquired, and its sphere of operations simultaneously extended to Osaka, Kobe and Kyushu. Branches established in Kanagawa, Saitama, Western Tokyo and Chiba between late 2006 and early 2007.
2007 JulyOverseas subsidiary Freshremix Asia Corporation renamed Freshremix Asia Software Corporation.
2008 FebruaryeON online ordering system developed to respond to the demands of producers and intermediary traders, and site operations initiated.
AprilDevelopment of N-system site creating direct linkage between the produce market and retailers begun.
2009 AprilNew advertising site connecting consumers with producers and online marketplace specializing in fruits and vegetables introduced.