Corporate Information


Feb. 1991Fresh System, Inc., the physical infrastructure for fruit and vegetable, is established.
Nov. 2000Fresh Remix Corpration, the provider of comprehensive infromation services for fruit and vegetable using the internet, is established.
Jul. 2001"Fan's", the sales order management system between producers and intermediate distributors, is begun to develop.
Aug. 2003ISO9001 Management System Certification is acquired.
Dec. 2003The own-brand bananas is launched.
May 2005Freshremix Asia Software Corporation (now Farmind Philippines Inc.) is established in the Philippines.
Sep. 2005ISO22000 management certification is acquired.
Dec. 2006Fresh System Inc. and Fresh Remix Corporaiton establish Fresh MD Holdings, Inc. (now Farmind Corporation) and integrate the management.
Jan. 2008"eON", the sales order management system for supermarkets and other retailers, is begun to develop.
Apr. 2008"N-system", the sales management system for fruit and vegetable, is begun to develop.
Mar. 2012Einband Holdings, Inc., which owns Shin-Chikuho Seika Inc. (currently Farming Mind Shin-Chikuho Seika Inc.) and Comrade Corporation Inc. as subsidiaries, is acquired.
Jan. 2013Kobe Center, the largest scale of ripening in Japan, is completed(realizing Japan's first dock-linked cold chain)
May 2013TOKA Corporation starts the business operations (acquired wholesale business from Toka Hiroshima Seika Corporation).
Feb. 2014Five subsidiaries, intermediate wholesalers in the Tokyo metropolitan area, are merged and change its corporate name to Fresh Trade Service Co., inc. (now Farmind Trade Service Inc.)
Oct. 2014The own-brand cut fruit and avocados with "best-before-date" is launched.
Feb. 2015The premium brand "Manomi" is launched.
Apr. 2015All Japan Line Inc., which transports fruits and vegetables, is acquired and made into an affiliate.
July 2015Fresh MD Holdings, Inc., Fresh System Inc., Fresh Remix Corporation and Einband Holdings, Inc. are merged and changes its corporate name to Farmind Corporation.
Dec. 2015Chilled baked sweet potatoes is launched.
Oct. 2016MOU for Phillipine banana procurement is signed with Philippine government.
June 2017Mexican organic bananas is launched.
July 2017Capital and business alliance with ORIX Corporation.
Oct. 2017MOU regarding mutual cooperation for exports and imports of fruits and vegetables is signed with Mitagri Co., Ltd., the government-affiliated agricultural development corporation in Taiwan.
May 2018Hokkaido Sanchoku Center Inc., Japan's largest vegetable open-field producer, is acquired and made into an affiliate.
Dec. 2019JWM Asia Japan K.K., the import and sales company for fruits and vegetables, is aquired and made into a wholly owned subsidiary (absorb in Apr. 2021)
Dec. 2019Capital and business alliance with Mizuho Gulf Capital Partners Ltd.
Jan. 2021Yachiyo Center is established and the nationwide cold chain network of 14 centers is completed.
Mar. 2021Rainforest Alliance CoC certification is acquired.
Apr. 2021MOU for the procurement of Taiwan's pineapples is signed with Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan R.O.C.
June 2021Fresh Carriers Co., Ltd., a marine transportation company of fruits and vegetables, is acquired and made into a wholly owned subsidiary.
Aug. 2021The business alliance is signed with National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations
Dec. 2021Capital alliance with National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations and the Norinchukin Bank.
June. 2022PFC Nagano Corporation started its operations as a specialized center for fruits and vegetables in production areas.