Corporate InformationA Message from the President

Corporate Information

A Message from the President

The Fresh Group was reorganized as Farmind Corporation on July 1, 2015 through a corporate merger.

This integration by merger has enabled the Fresh Group companies—Fresh MD Holdings, Inc., Fresh System, Inc., Fresh Remix Corporation, and Einband Holdings, Inc.—to move forward as a single, unified entity.

The Company’s new name combining “farm” and “mind” expresses our desire to bring the dreams of production areas and growers to people’s dining tables.

Our corporate philosophy of connecting producers with consumers remains unchanged. We conducted this merger to leverage the functions necessary for realizing this connection more efficiently and organically than ever before.

The need to establish close connections between producers and consumers is becoming increasingly apparent against the background of a contracting domestic production base, decreasing consumption due to a declining birthrate and aging population, and expanding global cooperation with overseas production areas. Farmind aspires to become a high-visibility company that is immediately recognizable wherever we appear. As the nation’s largest supplier of fresh produce, we are committed to deploying our formidable functions—including not only Japan’s most complete nationwide cold chain distribution system, but also advanced IT systems connecting growers with consumers—efficiently and organically for the good of society.

Farmind Corporation Tatsuo Horiuchi President and CEO

Tatsuo Horiuchi President and CEO