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March 2, 2020

Farmind gave a speech at the Research Conference sponsored by the Nagano Fruit Tree Research Association's Chushin Branch

On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Mr. Hiroto Suzuki, Manager of the Supplier Development Dept., Domestic Products Div., made a presentation at the "Research Conference" held at the JA Chushin Kaikan Hall (Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture) sponsored by the Chushin Branch of the Nagano Fruit Tree Research Association.

The Nagano Fruit Tree Research Association is an organization aimed at the development of the Nagano fruit tree industry by fruit growers living in Nagano Prefecture. It conducts seminars to research and disseminate new technologies and varieties, and to leveling technologies. The seminar was also held as part of these activities.

In a lecture entitled "The Current Status of the Domestic Fruit Market and Suppliers," Farmind introduced our corporate profile, our know-how in fruit processing and distribution cultivated since our founding, and our comprehensive supply chain functions in fruit and vegetables distribution. In addition, he touched on the unstable management of producers caused by recent global weather changes and a labor shortage due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and explained the possibility of stabilizing the management, employment and income of producers through the development of "Field Purchase" contract that we will purchase all the produce grown by contract farmers, and the operation of agricultural production corporations.
In addition, we introduced Farmind's product development case studies, incorporating the opinions of consumers gathered through our marketing functions, and expressed our belief that the effective use of the functions we possess will enable us to increase the added value of our products and achieve differentiation, thereby contributing to the maximization of the interests of producers and consumers.
In the middle of the lecture, participants actually tasted our products and exchanged many opinions while receiving evaluations and impressions.

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Bringing producers and consumers together," we will continue to contribute to the development of domestic and overseas fruit and vegetables distribution from a variety of perspectives. We will continue to strengthen our supply system for fruit and vegetables both in Japan and overseas and improve quality through our cold chain network, and deliver fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables from producers to consumers.

■Scene of the speech