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December 13, 2019

Farmind gave a lecture as a guest speaker at the Faculty of Law of Chuo University

On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, Shin Oe, Managing Executive Officer and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, was invited to the Faculty of Law of Chuo University as a guest speaker and gave a lecture.

In this one-year course, students learn through lectures and discussions, with the aim of learning about issues in Japan and global society, cultivating their own thoughts on these issues, and considering how they should participate in such a global society. On the day of the course, a wide range of students, from the first to fourth grades of Chuo University's Faculty of Law, attended the course.

The lecture was held on the theme of "Global Perspectives and Careers." The lecture was conducted through discussions on global careers and human resources, and the basic concepts and attitudes that form the foundation of global careers, while introducing specific examples of business and working styles at various companies, including Farmind.

Regarding Farmind's business, it was reported that not only Japan but also many other countries are tackling same social issues, such as the instability of supply and demand caused by global weather changes and the shrinkage of production due to the declining birthrate and aging population. Students asked about Farmind's cold chain and mutually complementary production areas across borders.

After the lecture, participants commented, "I felt that a job that allows employees to tackle universal social issues that transcend national borders and areas rather than simply using a foreign language or working abroad could be a global career." They also commented, "I would like to utilize the discussions in this lecture for job hunting in the future."

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Bringing producers and consumers together," we are committed to disseminating information and communicating both inside and outside the company with the aim of contributing to the development of fruit and vegetables distribution in Japan and overseas. In addition, we will strengthen our domestic and overseas fruit and vegetables supply systems and improve quality through cold chains to deliver fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables from producers to consumers.

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