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March 4, 2019

An interview was posted on the Cow Television "President's Office 101"

Tatsuo Horiuchi, Farmind's president and CEO, recently appeared at the "101 Top Leader Dialogue in the Office of the President" of Cow Television, an Internet TV station.

The interview video is made up of three videos, covering the Farmind's corporate outline and functions, as well as the ideas and future developments from the time the company was founded to the present.

Please refer to the URL below.

VTR1: Japan's largest manufacturer of "ripenning" bananas with more than 400 different processing technologies
VTR2: A shift from "points" of bananas to "faces" of fruit and vegetables
VTR3: To meet real needs from consumers

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■Cow Television
The Internet TV station specializes in the planning and production of programs such as the "President's Office 101" series that listens to the leaders of excellent companies for their "management tips" and supports the recruitment and dissemination of information using images.