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February 25, 2019

User community sites for any foods "" was completely renewed.
~ The campaign is being held to commemorate the renewal!

Farmind Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tatsuo Horiuchi) has largely renewed "" (, a website for users of foods operated by Farmind. "" is a community site that boasts about 100,000 registered users. It features such functions as introducing foods to users through recipe articles from popular bloggers, and providing feedback from survey monitors and suggestions to manufacturers.

This time, we have revamped the site design and reviewed functions and services to make it easier for both users and manufacturers to see and use the site. This has resulted in the creation of a site that can share "real and useful" information for both users and manufacturers.

<PC Site>

<Smartphone Site>

In this renewal....

[Smartphones and tablets]

It is optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices, and it is easy to see and accessible anywhere on your smartphone.

[Increase the space for photographs and make it easy for users to understand their responses]
  • We have changed the way we view and place photos of our products and dishes, making it easy to see and understand regardless of the device you use.
  • Add a "good" feature to blog and recipe postings, and make it clear which articles are gaining popularity at a glance!
  • By changing photos and page layouts, we are improving the searchability to find interesting features and articles.
[Enhancement of Needed Content]

In addition to continuing to offer popular content such as blogs and recipes, we also launched content pages that include discount campaigns, information on events, and back talks about product development. From the top page, the following six categories provide easy access to the page you want to see.

<Six Content Categories>
  • Food advertising(Shokusenden): I want to tell you! Deep information such as product information and development background
  • Relationship Version: Manufacturer News, Campaigns, and Event Information
  • Blog: Introduction of recommended use by popular bloggers
  • Recipe: Recipe proposal by popular bloggers (search features on page are expected to be implemented soon)
  • Food Advertising and Communications: Proposals on how to use products from manufacturers and the Shokusenden Office
  • Questionnaire: In addition to announcing the recruitment of the questionnaire, the results of the questionnaire are published (open questionnaire only).
[Enhancement of rewards for questionnaire monitoring]

"" allows members to participate in questionnaire surveys conducted by manufacturers and other participants when they register as a member of a questionnaire monitor. If you answer the questionnaire, you can issue food promotion points and exchange them for a variety of prizes according to the points you have accumulated. In line with this renewal, the number of prizes that can be exchanged for about 3,500 items and the number of different categories, such as electronic money, has been significantly expanded.

■Ongoing campaign to commemorate site renewal

During this period, we are holding a campaign to give 200 points to 1,000 people by lottery if they are newly registered with "".
Period: Those newly registered by 23:59 on Thursday, February 28, 2019 are eligible.

[About ""]
Community sites between users and manufacturers regarding food. This specialty food website offers functions and services to help manufacturers develop and communicate products, and shares information while enjoying the needs of both users and manufacturers. Through recipe postings by popular bloggers and the use of recommendations from manufacturers, users can share the appeal of the products they recommend to include in their daily dining tables. Registered users can also participate in questionnaires that reflect their opinions in product development as questionnaire monitors.
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Farmind Corporation Shokusenden Office: Nakamura TEL: +81-78-334-7722