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October 15, 2018

Speech was given at the Yushan Forum, an international forum held in Taiwan

On Thursday, October 11, 2018, Mr. Tatsuo Horiuchi, our President and Representative Director, gave a speech and participated a panel discussion with experts from various countries at the international forum "Yushan Forum" held in Taiwan's Grand Hyatt Hotel Taipei.

The "Yushan Forum" is an international forum established jointly by the government and the private sector of Taiwan as a platform for multilateral dialogue on various issues in the Asian region. This is the second such forum to be held this year.

Approximately 950 people, including experts from a wide range of fields such as agriculture, education, medical care, economy, and culture, participated in the forum, which was invited from approximately 20 countries, mainly from Asia. Following the opening remarks by Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, speechs and panel discussions were held by experts from various fields.

Farmind gave a speech on the theme of "How to improve the income of growers in the distribution of fruit and vegetables" during the session on "Revitalizing Agriculture in the Asian Region."Mr. Horiuchi pointed out that in fruit and vegetables distribution, losses due to two factors, deterioration of quality and imbalance of supply and demand, impede the growth of producers' incomes. In addition, in order to improve this situation, it was stated that "the development of two networks of "logistics" and "information" connecting producers and consumers is indispensable." As a specific example, the cold chain and IT systems that Farmind has built in Japan were introduced.

He also referred to the future vision of contributing to the development of fruit and vegetables distribution in Taiwan by leveraging the know-how of the Farmind. He said that he would like to deepen partnerships with Mitagri Corporation, a government-affiliated agricultural development company in Taiwan, which has already signed a basic agreement on mutual cooperation in the export and import of agricultural products.

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Bringing producers and consumers together," we will continue to contribute to the development of fruit and vegetable distribution in Japan and overseas from various perspectives. We will continue to strengthen our fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables supply system in Japan and overseas, and improve quality through the cold chain, so that we can deliver fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables from producers to consumers.

■ Scene of the Yushan Forum

Greetings from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen

Speech by President Horiuchi
■ Yushan Forum