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October 13, 2023

"Collaborative Agreement on Education Support" with Kasumigaura City and the City Board of Education
Third-year elementary school students from Kasumigaura City experience farming at a pear orchard

On October 12, Farmind Ibaraki Farm Corporation (hereafter “Farmind Ibaraki Farm"), which cultivates Japanese pears on a large scale, welcomed 23 third-year students from Kasumigaura Kita Elementary School to a farming experience at its own farm in the Nakashizu district of Kasumigaura City. This is an initiative of the “Collaborative Agreement on Educational Support" concluded between Kasumigaura City and the Kasumigaura City Board of Education in July this year to promote local school education, social education, and lifelong learning.

After the class, Yoko Morita, a teacher at Kasumigaura Kita Elementary School, said, "There were classes on the subject of farmers at school, but I think the students were able to deepen their understanding by actual experience. Seeing the students actively interested in learning made me realize that it was a good opportunity." The students said, “I want to see the harvest in three years.", “I want to do more." and “It was fun.” etc.

Farmind Ibaraki Farm aims for sustainable agriculture using advanced cultivation methods and will continue to contribute to the revitalization of the region by promoting initiatives that make “agriculture" more familiar to children, who will lead the next generation.

ecture on one year of pears and cultivation methods with quizzes Children who learns farm work with earnest eye
【Outline of Farmind Ibaraki Farm Corporation】
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