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July 7, 2023

Commencement of commercial production of highland bananas in the Philippines
~Completion ceremony for major facilities~

Farmind Corporation (Headquarter: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tatsuo Horiuchi; hereafter "Farmind"), which is fully engaged in banana production in the Philippines' main production area, Mindanao Island, held a ceremony on June 28 for the completion of the packing house and employee accommodation.
Going forward, the Farmind Group aims to expand the production of highland bananas* in the Philippines and expand the share of its own brands in the high value-added segment in the Japanese market.

Banana is produced by Farmind Asia Banana Corporation (Headquarter: Davao, Philippine; President: Amiel Diaz; hereafter “FABC”). Approximately 300 people attended the completion ceremony on the day, including Group-related parties and guests from local governments. In the ceremony, Mr. Tatsuo Horiuchi, President and CEO, Farmind commented, "We has realized our long-cherished dream, “Production business”, in Mindanao Island, Philippines, which is an important supply base for bananas for Japan. Through this project, we are committed to contributing to local communities and providing a stable supply of delicious bananas to the Japanese market."

The Farmind Group is building a comprehensive distribution platform for delivering fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables to consumers based on a cold chain network centered on a dedicated fruit and vegetable center that operates nationwide. With the commencement of highland bananas production in FABC, Farmind Group will increase production functions, further strengthen the procurement functions from abroad, and stabilize its platform and expand its lineup of high value-added products.

Based on Farmind’s corporate philosophy of "linking farmers with consumers", Farmind will continue to strengthen the supply system of fruits and vegetables in Japan and overseas and improve the quality through its nationwide cold chains, deliver fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables from farms to consumers, and contribute to the development of domestic and overseas fruits and vegetables distribution from various perspectives.

*Bananas with higher sugar content, cultivated over a long period at highland above 500m of the altitude, where the difference in temperature is large between day and night

Scene of ceremony Tatsuo Horiuchi, President and CEO, Farmind
(From the left-side of the photo) Tatsuo Horiuchi, President and CEO, Farmind, Amiel Diaz, President, FABC (From the left-side of the photo) Tatsuo Horiuchi, President and CEO, Farmind, Amiel Diaz, President, FABC
Commemorative photo by Horiuchi, President and CEO, Farmind and FABC Employees Appearance of packing house
Corporate Planning Department, Farmind Corporation
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