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May 11, 2023

Farmind President and CEO, Tatsuo Horiuchi, delivered a speech on
"Efforts toward cold chain network establishment"

On 10th May, 2023, at the Food Industry Policy Committee, Farmind President and CEO, Tatsuo Horiuchi, delivered a speech on “Efforts toward cold chain network establishment”.

Food Industry Policy Committee is positioned under the Liberal Democratic Party Policy Research Council, attended by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Financial Services Agency, and the National Tax Agency. They aim to develop the food industry that ensures stable food supply and supports regional employment and economy. Especially, one of the most important issues to discuss is the development of industries that can utilize its capital and management capabilities to become the core of the region, and in collaboration with the surrounding agriculture and food industries, to return profits to the region.

In the speech, Mr. Horiuchi introduced Farmind group’s comprehensive vegetable and fruit platform centered on the cold chain and information network. In addition, he explained the current situation and challenges surrounding Japanese agriculture and food, and explained Farmind group's solutions that realized an improvement in growers' earning and reducing prices to consumers by utilizing its comprehensive platform, reducing intermediate distribution costs and food losses, and delivering the required quantities to consumers (proper delivery).

As a new initiative, he also introduced the production and sales business of domestic fruits and vegetables that Farmind and the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives jointly undertake, the production business to halt the decline in domestic production, and the export promotion by connecting the cold chain network between domestic and overseas (Taiwan). He also explained the group's goal of supporting a stable agricultural foundation for growers and a safe and secure foods for consumers by organically linking these initiatives.

The attending members of the council expressed their interests in the background of the entry into the production business, the improvement of producers' earning through the utilization of Farmind comprehensive platforms, and the room for domestic growers to expand their earning through the expansion of scale.

Based on Farmind’s corporate philosophy of "linking farmers with consumers", Farmind will continue to strengthen the supply system of fruits and vegetables in Japan and overseas and improve the quality through its nationwide cold chains, deliver fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables from farms to consumers, and contribute to the development of domestic and overseas fruits and vegetables distribution from various perspectives.

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