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Mar 7, 2023

Vice Chairman Mr. Chen, vice chairman of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan R.O.C visited KASUMI Food Square for inspecting the 2023 first shipment of Taiwan Pineapple

Farmind Corporation (Headquarter: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tatsuo Horiuchi; hereafter "Farmind") delivers many varieties of fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits, including bananas, avocado, and kiwifruit, to Japanese customers.

Mr. Chen, vice chairman of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan R.O.C(*) visited Japan and inspected the Taiwan Pineapple with Farmind. On March 6, 2023, Taiwan government officials, Mr. Chen, Vice Chairman of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan R.O.C, Mr. Xie, representatives of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan and others, visited Food Square KASUMI Orinas Kinshicho and received explanations on the sales situation of the 2023 first shipment of Taiwan Pineapple, as well as the general consumption trends in Japanese market.

(*) Equivalent to the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

● Preparation of two different types of Taiwan pineapple with different characteristics and strengthening sales of handy, long shelf life cut pineapple

Although Taiwan pineapple generally has the disadvantage of orange color and soft pulp and its short shelf life, Farmind offers two types of delicious and long shelf life products: "Taiwan King Pineapple" for new and "Taiwan Sweet Pineapple" for regular product, by not giving excessive nutrients in rocky and sandy lands, and by making harvesting time longer than usual. In addition, Farmind developed its own boxes and loading methods to improve the transportation environment so that the pineapple can be transported to stores while maintaining higher quality. Also, Farmind will strengthen sales of cut pineapple for Japanese customers to consume easily. Those cut pineapple are processed at Farmind's processing centers under strict hygiene control (based on ISO22000) and use their own packaging so that the shelf life is 4-days, which is longer than usual product.

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After the inspection, Vice Chairman Chen mentioned "We would like to have many Japanese consumers to enjoy Taiwan pineapple. In particular, cut pineapple may be have more opportunities to be consumed because it can be easily consumed. The Taiwan Government would like to actively support to deliver high-quality pineapple to Japan."

By forming alliances with the Taiwan government and collaborating with Taiwan companies, Farmind is also promoting the establishment of a cold chain to support fruits and vegetables distribution in Taiwan. In 2023, the third year of Taiwan Pineapple sales in Japan, Farmind built a stable cold chain that maintains even higher quality. Farmind aims to achieve 170% sales year on year rate. (Sales season is March to June) , delivering more fresh and delicious Taiwan Pineapple at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide,.

Farmind will continue to expand the scale of its cold chain in Asian market and strive to ensure a stable supply of fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables to more consumers.

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